Proctoring Services

What are Proctoring Services:

Proctoring services are available in the Assessment and Testing office for external testers and exams like the CLEP or STAMP. The standard fee is $10 per hour, with a $10 minimum. Unless the test is untimed, we bill based on the time limit for an exam.  For example: If 2 hours are allotted to complete the exam, the fee is $20 regardless of how much of the 2 hours is used to take the exam. Students needing to retake a senior test will need to pay the cost of the exam they’re retaking.

How to schedule:

Exams may be scheduled Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, and the exams must be completed by 4:30 pm.  For example, if you are allowed 2 hours to test, your exam cannot be scheduled any later than 2:30 pm.

1. First contact the Assessment & Testing Office at 660-785-4140 to find a test date and time that works for you and the testing center.

2. Pay the proctoring fee prior to arriving at the testing center by navigating here. Click on Proctoring Services to pay for administering a timed exam. For senior exam retests, select the appropriate exam to pay for your test.

What to bring:

Bring an appropriate and valid ID (usually driver’s license or passport) and any materials that are required for your particular exam (forms, worksheets, etc).  If your exam requires special attention (i.e. coordination with the institution issuing the exam), contact our testing office at 785-4140 to make these arrangements ahead of time.

If your school needs our contact information or needs to send us test materials directly, please inform one of the following contacts:

Liz Lay, Secretary

Jeremy Hopkins, Coordinator of Testing

Truman State University
Assessment & Testing Office
Violette Hall 1130
100 E. Normal St.
Kirksville, Mo 63501-4221



Office Email:

You must bring a valid government or state issued ID containing both photo and signature (driver’s license or a passport) in order to test. Additional identification may be requested if specified by the exam.