Nursing/WLE Senior Test Reimbursement

Reimbursement for Nursing and World Language Exams

Some senior exams require students to purchase their test and submit documentation for reimbursement. Any payments have to be approved by the Business Office, so it is important that the correct receipt is submitted to Assessment and Testing. Additional details will be emailed to you, but you can find information below to reference if you can’t find that message.


Unlike most straight-forward testing expenses, the HESI Exit Exam is part of a package Nursing students purchase. The Assessment and Testing Office will reimburse the cost of the Exit Exam portion, based on what Elsevier identifies as the cost of the exam in a given cohort. We need a receipt containing your name, the cohort you’re paying into, cost of the payment, and date of payment – see example below. The Business Office will reject the page listing all your payments, so please be sure to click one of the payment links for the detailed version of a receipt. Print the receipt and bring it to VH1130 during business hours. The Business Office also requires receipts to be legible. Any emailed pictures may be declined due to lacking legibility.


World Language Exams

ETS World Language Exams for senior testing are reimbursable. Login to your account at, and find the purchases area on the left. The Praxis website was recently overhauled, but your receipt should look similar to the image below. We need the detailed receipt showing your name, what you paid for, and any payment details. The Business Office will reject admission tickets – they require the detailed purchase receipt.