Civics Exam

About the Test

The State of Missouri is requiring a civics exam be administered in Higher Education. See Senate Bills 807 & 577 for additional details. According to the bill, the examination shall officially be known as the “Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination”.

“The examination required under this section shall consist of at least fifty questions, but shall not exceed one hundred questions, and shall be similar to the one hundred questions administered to applicants for United States citizenship by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services division of the Department of Homeland Security. Subject matter on the examination shall include the United States Constitution, the United States Bill of Rights, governmental institutions, historical manifestations of federalism, and history of constitutional interpretation and amendments”.

The bill does not determine precisely what must be asked on the exam, so universities are given flexibility to write their own questions within the above framework. Our exam will be 50 questions in length. The pass requirement, per the Senate Bill, is 70%, which is 35 out of 50 questions answered correctly.

Review Materials

US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and amendments:
The US Civics test can be found here:
US Supreme Court landmark cases:
Civics history review: CivicsTestReview.pdf
Recommended coursework to help prepare for this test include:
POL 161
HIST 298
HIST 104
HIST 105


Go to Truview –> Student Tab –> Assessment and Testing Menu –> Civics Exam –> Enroll in Civics Blackboard Course. Processing enrollment in the Blackboard course takes 24 hrs, so students should enroll in the course well in advance of scheduling a test time. After the course appears in Blackboard, go back to Truview –> Student Tab –> Assessment and Testing Menu –> Civics Exam –> Schedule Civics Test. Select a test date and time from here. Only the course announcement will be viewable prior to the test time. The test option will become available at test time. Students preferring to take the test as a paper and pencil test will complete the same process of enrolling in the Blackboard course and scheduling through Truview.

We have several dates designated for testing, but seating is limited. If any of the dates below no longer show up in Truview, it is because we have reached capacity. Students will not only need to take the Civics test, but pass it. Students should schedule early so opportunities are available later in the semester to retest, if necessary. We will require a 5 day wait period between attempts.

What to Bring on Test Day

  • A photo ID – Truman ID or State issued IDs are acceptable
  • Pencils and scratch paper will be provided by test proctors
  • Electronics and and any other personal belongings must be silenced and stored in a bag. You may not access personal items during the test.

Computer-Based Test Dates

The civics exam is delivered through Blackboard, but you will still need to attend your scheduled test session. It is a proctored exam.

Tuesday, September 1 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Wednesday, September 2 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Thursday, September 3 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Friday, September 4 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Monday, September 7 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Tuesday, September 8 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Wednesday, September 9 at 6pm and 7pm in Vh1142
Thursday, September 10 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Friday, September 11 at 4pm and 5pm in VH1132
Friday, September 18 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Friday, September 25 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Friday, October 2 at 6pm and 7pm in VH1142
Update: Test dates through November 19th are now available on Truview.

Additional Testing

The testing center provides many professional exams (education certification, GRE, etc.). In the event that we have no testers for scheduled professional exams, we will post a sign in the hallway outside VH1132 for drop-in Civics exams. You will still need to have enrolled in the Blackboard course 24 hours or more before testing. These opportunities will probably be quite rare, but signage will be posted in the morning when we know that seats will be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does this affect?

Any new student to the university (transfer or first-time student) from the summer of 2019 and onward. Students of all class status (freshman-senior) will need to test if you are new to the university since the bill was passed.

I’m an international/exchange student, do I need to test?

International students planning to graduate from any Missouri public university will need to have the test on their university transcript in order to graduate. Exchange students who are only here for a year (or more) but do not plan to graduate from a Missouri public university will not need to test.

I’m not from Missouri, do I need to test?

Any new or transfer student from summer 2019 onward planning to graduate from a Missouri public university will need to take this test.

I have a civics test denoted on my out-of-state transcript, do I need to test?

Yes. What another state requires for their civics completion will probably differ from the Missouri bill. Students who transfer in a civics exam on their transcript from out of state will need to also complete the Missouri exam.

Will this test affect my GPA?

We are using the Blackboard platform to deliver the exam, but the ‘course’ is not for credit. The test will not affect your GPA.

I took a required civics exam in high school, do I need to test?

All students planning to graduate from a Missouri public university will need the civics exam passed on their university transcript. If you took a dual credit class that placed the civics exam on your university transcript, Truman will honor that transcript item. High school exams on high school transcripts do not count.

Will my civics test transfer in or out of Truman?

Yes. The civics exam is a transcript item, so as long as it is on an in-state university transcript that you are transferring to Truman, we will honor it. Similarly, Truman will create a transcript line when you take the test here, and it should be honored at other Missouri public universities.

How does this effect private institutions?

The Bill only discusses the requirement in relation to public universities. How private institutions approach accepting or denoting the civics test is up to that institution, if they consider it at all.

Doesn’t the State Statute History course count for this?

No. This exam was introduced in a relatively new piece of legislation, not related to the other State Statutes. The civics exam is not embedded in any course at Truman.