Senior Tests

All students are required to take a comprehensive examination for their major during their senior year, prior to graduation.

Students will receive emails at their Truman email account regarding senior testing and may follow Truview scheduling instructions here or by calling the Assessment and Testing Office at 660-785-4140. Some select exams, like the World Language Exams and ACSM EP, must register and schedule through that test sponsor’s website – instructions will be emailed for reference.

Each major department selects their designated senior exam.  Students must take a senior test for each major they are pursuing. If practice materials are available, they will be linked next to each test.

ACAT (Area Concentration Achievement Tests)

Agricultural Science
Justice Systems

CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) Exam

Health Science (study guide)

CLA+ (Collegiate Learning Assessment+) (study guide)

Applied Linguistics
Communication Disorders
Creative Writing
Interdisciplinary Studies
Liberal Studies

HESI (Health Education Systems, Inc.) Exam


ACSM EP (Certified Exercise Physiologist)

Exercise Science (take while enrolled in ES 498) (study guide)

MFT (Major Field Test)

Biology (study guide)
Business (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, & International Business) (study guide)
Computer Science (study guide)
Economics (study guide)
Mathematics (study guide)
Music (study guide)
Physics (study guide)
Political Science (study guide)
Psychology (study guide)
Sociology/Anthropology (study guide)

D.U.C.K Exam

Chemistry (take while enrolled in CHEM 445)

American Chemical Society

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (take while enrolled in BCMB/CHEM 445)

National Latin Exam and/or National Greek Exam

Classics  (required exam(s) is designated by Classics faculty and is determined based on each student’s coursework)

Praxis II Exam  French: World Language (5174)

French (study guide)

Praxis II Exam  German: World Language (5183)

German (study guide)

Praxis II Exam  Spanish: World Language (5195)

Spanish (study guide)

Modern Language – Spanish, French, German take the Praxis in all specialty areas (see links above).

Romance Language – the language of the required exam is chosen based on their course work.


Foreign Language students applying to graduate school at Truman. The Assessment & Testing Office does not know who is planning to attend grad school, so please contact for more details on the STAMP. (sample tests)