STAMP – STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency

Foreign Language students applying to graduate school at Truman take the STAMP as part of graduate admissions. Students can also test as a measure towards the Seal of Biliteracy. The Assessment & Testing Office does not know who is planning to attend grad school or complete a Seal of Biliteracy, so please contact or call 660-785-4140 for more details on the STAMP. Sample tests can be found here.

Testing Opportunities

A few STAMP testing opportunities are offered in the spring and fall semesters. If the dates posted on our schedule page don’t work for your schedule, contact us to find a better time. Summer testing is available, upon request, but summer appointments will be limited to business hours. Testing late in any semester is discouraged because it takes time for human graders to review responses and faculty to approve your results. We currently offer STAMP testing in French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.


Similar to other graduate and certificate exams, students will be responsible for costs associated with this test. The test, itself, is $24.90, payable directly to Avant Assessments. Testing staff can provide a payment link when you contact us to communicate interest in this exam. Our office will charge a proctoring fee based on the time used on the test – $10 for the first hour and $5 for every additional half hour. The test is designed to be completed in ~2 hours ($20), but since it is untimed, expect to pay $20-35 for proctoring. We will release scores once proctoring is paid and the test is scored – the writing and speaking portions take time to grade.

Please reach out to the email or phone number above with any other questions.