National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners

COMLEX exams are available through Truman’s Pearson VUE testing center. This page is designed to give prospective testers more information about our open dates and what to expect on test day.

Our main source of proctoring staff are largely unavailable in the summer, so summer availability may be somewhat limited. COMLEX Level 3 dates have to be opened with help from Pearson, several months in advance. Level 1 and 2 should be able to leverage Level 3 dates, and we will add a few more Level 1 and 2 dates as proctor schedules become more clear and availability permits. Our center also provides ETS, College Board, ACT and other exams, so please be aware that those activities require our attention, too.

Checking Availability

Some test takers have mentioned being unable to see availability beyond a certain point that should be publicly visible. If you run into that issue, try going to pearsonvue.com/nbome and using the Seat Availability button in the right hand menu. Click COMLEX USA Exams, select the test you need to take, then enter 63501 in the address search bar. Tick the Truman State University box and click next at the bottom right of the screen. You should see a calendar with the dates we have committed to NBOME testing. Most of the dates will be in May and June. If you see a date that works for you but you can’t schedule it online for some reason, you might have better luck contacting the NBOME registration/scheduling number at 1-888-846-6949 – Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm.

NBOME / COMLEX  FAQ for Test Day

ID Required:

  • 1 primary ID that is government issued with a current name, photo, and signature (preferably a Driver’s License or Passport)

Items permitted in the testing room:

  • ID
  • Locker tag
  • Ear plugs (provided)
  • Erasable notebooklet and pens (provided)
  • Physical calculators are not allowed, but there is a digital one built into the exam software.


60 minutes of pooled time available for scheduled breaks. The time can be split up in any way you wish during scheduled break periods.

  • When taking a break, please inform proctor if the break is scheduled or unscheduled (unscheduled doesn’t stop the test timer).
  • The exam should flag you to take a scheduled break every two sections for COMLEX Levels 1 and 2 and after every section for COMLEX Level 3.
  • Testers may leave the building only during scheduled breaks.
  • During scheduled breaks, you may access personal items, including food, drink, mobile phones, exam notes, and study guides.
  • During unscheduled breaks, you may only access medication or food in an emergency.
  • If you run out of time in your 60 minute break pool, the test timer will resume.

Timed pre-test items:

  • Instructions – 5 minutes
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – 5 minutes
  • Tutorial – 10 minutes
  • Failing to complete the above pre-test items in the given time may result in the test ending.

Brain dumping:

  • Brain dumping is not permitted during the Instructions and Non-Disclosure Agreement sections. Refrain from writing in your notebooklet until at least the tutorial section.


  • Printouts not available on test day
  • COMLEX Level 1 and 2 – expect results in approximately 4-6 weeks
  • COMLEX Level 3 – expect results in approximately 8-10 weeks